Policy Makers & Advocacy Groups

There is a direct link between health and academic achievement, which impacts a child’s ability to rise above adverse life circumstances.

Together we can help…

Reduce health disparities through equitable access to school health services.
By improving current staffing models, we can ensure all students receive the care they need when they need it.

Improve impacts on poverty and student success in school and life.
School nurses are ideally positioned to provide care coordination, ensuring seamless links between providers, families and school. 

Ensure kids are healthy and ready to work.
Healthy students who achieve academically are better prepared to contribute to Washington’s diverse workforce.

[See supporting data at Learn: Health Services Frameworks]

If you are policy maker or work for an advocacy group and want to learn how you can partner to improve student health in Washington, contact us at WISH-Information@HealthyStudentsAchieve.org

Healthy Students Achieve!