Why You Care

Why We Care

There is a powerful link between health and achievement – in school and beyond.  

Healthy students are better able to attend school, experience positive peer relationships, earn higher grades and test scores, and stay on track to graduate. This can lead to improved educational and employment opportunities, and can reduce costs to our communities, health, and criminal justice systems.

Together we can…

  • Reduce health disparities.
  • Improve student health and safety through health services and care coordination.
  • Remove health-related barriers to learning and reduce time teachers and staff spend on health issues.
  • Improve care coordination.
  • Ensure that all children in Washington have health insurance and access to the health services they need.
  • Help parents support student success.
  • Ensure kids are healthy & ready to work.
  • Engage the community in weaving health and wellness into everyday life.
  • Save on health care costs and reduce emergency room use as primary care provider.
  • Reduce employee leave & insurance costs.
  • Improve our state’s economy

[See supporting data at Learn: Health Services Frameworks]

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Healthy Students Achieve!