What We Are Doing

WISH is working to identify and develop solutions to eliminate the health disparities that impact our kids’ health, life opportunities, and achievement by:

Engaging and activating all who hold a stake in the welfare of our children  in ensuring that children’s health needs are met:
     – students and family members
     – educators and school administrators
     – health care providers
     – lawmakers
     – government agencies & policymakers
     – employers & business leaders
     – community organizations
     – health purchasers/payers

Developing a framework and key components for the delivery of efficient and effective school health services and care coordination with community service providers.

Identifying resources to ensure that children have stable and necessary access to health services on which they depend.

Your participation is key!

Contact us to learn more about how you can support what WISH is doing at WISH-Information@HealthyStudentsAchieve.org

Healthy Students Achieve!